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The Infertility and Reproductive Health Research Center (IRHRC) proudly announce its readiness to collaborate with Students , Doctors and Experts from non-faculty from various academic fields to convey their Research Ideas to national and international Professors from all over the globe and also administrative and executive activities for research projects.
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IRHRC and Wake Forest Baptist Health new cooperation
Penile fracture (PF) is considered an emergency in urology. In the literature there are some case series reporting considerable incidence of PF in some parts of Iran. There are no accurate data about the incidence of PF all around Iran. Although it may be uncommon in other parts of the country and in the other countries, it can also be underreported. There are some challenges in diagnosis, management, and also reporting of these cases. In this review of Iranian medical literature, we searched for penile fracture and penile injury keywords in Medline, Scopus, SID, Google and Persian medical journals....
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Another finding by IRHRC research crew
Uterine and Serum Glycodelin Concentration in Recurrent Implantation Failure Versus Normal Fertile Women on Implantation Window
Glycodelin is a factor which regulates immunological activity and is required in implantation window. The present study was conducted to compare glycodelin concentrations in blood and uterine flushing samples from women with in vitro fertilization (IVF) failure and fertile controls.
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" Another study by IRHRC researchers in the field of " risk factors in Iranian mothers breastfeeding
Given the importance of exclusive breastfeeding during the first six months of life and health of children in his development, this study examines the risk factors associated with cessation of breastfeeding by mothers in Iran is discussed.
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IRHRC international invited speaker Prof. Nikolaos Sofikitis
IRHRC invited Prof. Nikolaos Sofikitis the chairman of ESAU of the European association of Urology to participate in our 9th annual meeting .
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